Thank you to all who came to our first workshop in Sydney. Your presence and participation are part of Untiled.Showa’s unfolding story.


Like all first times, for me as a facilitator, it felt fresh and precious, and with some pangs, followed by new ways to improve.


Some worked on laptops, commenting on specific photographs, yielding further clues.


Others worked on working out who is who and their relationships to each other, and even creating new categories of photographs, making it easier for others to work through the website.


Our team is in the process of translating all contributions! Thank you, all for participating!


Our next workshop in Sydney is on Tuesday 4 May, again at 6-8pm at 107 Presents Level Up @ Central Park Mall.

次回のシドニーワークショップは5月4日(火曜日)同じく6−8時、107 Presents Level Up @ Central Park Mall にて。

Bookings from this here.


– Posted by Mayu Kanamori on 23 April, 2021


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