Thank you to everyone who attended our Online Workshops! The quality of our participants made this workshop most thought-provoking and inspiring. Our participants included an arts worker, visual artist, photographer, videographer and editor, anthropologist, radiographer… A great line up of diverse thinkers and doers!

Some of our hot topics touched upon included:

What are the universals vs cultural specifics? Is reading of photography culturally dependant?

What are the expectations and anticipations of reuniting the photographs with family members?

What are some spiritual concerns with photographs?

What are the concerns with the photographs as an object vs the image? Would holding an actual photograph instead of seeing it on a screen change the meaning? Should the prints be forensically examined?

Has the preciousness of photographs changed in the digital era? Without sharing, do photographs mean less?

What is the significance of editing / deleting and categorising our photographs?

What are the divides and parallels? The distance between Japan and Australia? The divide between the digital and online generations; time when the photographs were taken and now?

Equipped with more questions than answers, participants will now work on a creative response to the Untitled.Showa collection of photographs.











ーPosted by Mayu Kanamori 20 July 2021


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