This is an envelope addressed to CHO, Haru at 1-12-2 at “1-12-1 Takadai, Nagokakyo City 617 (Postcode) from “Kotobuki Company Ltd, 3rd Floor, Sumitomo Life Insurance Kyoto Kawaramachi Building, 338 Tominaga-cho, 2 Chome, Matsubara Agaru, Kawaramachi Street, Shimokyou Ward, Kyoto City.” The phone number of the sender 075 343 5331 (general) is printed. Above the sender’s address are printed words, “Servicing the health of the community”. *NOTE: Other than the surname CHO, this surname could also be read as: NAGA, OSA and TSUKASA

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4 May 2020


  1. 昭和だろうが、さほど昔のものではないかも。緑のインク印刷、丸文字。

    • Translation of above comment from Mika on 20 April 2021:

      This may be from the Showa era, but it doesn’t seem to be that old. Green printing ink and round letters. (indicates)


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