Chie, the Collaborator 稚恵さんとのコラボ

I am not alone!

Designer, web developer and friend, Chie Muraoka has agreed to join my search to solve the mystery of the found photographs.

Nine years ago, my friend Anni Cleary, aka the Afactor, passed away. She wrote programming languages, and gifted me a website back in 1998, when not many of my contemporaries had their own websites. I needed a new website, but instead of starting completely anew, which was the way most web designers thought it best to proceed, I wanted to keep my online history intact. I wanted to keep Afactor’s work to be kept alive.

Enter Chie. Chie made me a new website, incorporating Afactor’s legacy.

In 2013, Chie and I began working together on a website for Nikkei Australia, a group of interested individuals who promote the research, study, arts and cultural practices and community information exchange about the Nikkei diaspora in Australia. We also collaborated on The Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database, a bilingual resource which provides individual information on 524 graves in the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery, located in Cowra, New South Wales; and Cowra Voices, a geo-locative smartphone app, much like a heritage trail app with oral history recordings, exploring Cowra’s unique story of civic peace and reconciliation, especially with Japan.

In times of lockdown, it is apt to find ways to transfer our projects online, and Chie has come to the rescue yet again.

So finally, I am not alone. Chie is working with me again!

Chie Muraoka, the collaborator コラボレーターの稚恵さん

Chie and Mayu working together online 稚恵とマユオンラインにてコラボ



9年前、友人のAnni Cleary(別名Afactor)が亡くなった。彼女はプログラミング言語を早くから学び、ウェブサイトを制作してくれていた。彼女が亡くなってしまい、






Mayu Kanamori April 2020


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