Path of least resistance

Chie and I am working on Untitled.Showa. We are slow, but we are progressing in our search to find homes for the Untitled.Showa collection of photographs. Many people are now helping us. We received funding for this year from the Australia-Japan Foundation. It is great to know that others believe that this project is worthwhile.

My friend Sandy, a photographer and creative producer, who helped me before with the Island of Ancients exhibition, and over the many years taught me many things about photography and also yoga, is producing Untitled.Showa exhibitions in Sydney, Geelong, and also in Kyoto with Colin, another friend who lives in Osaka. Through Sandy, we met Jess, Sam and Nicole, a vibrant and energetic team at 107 Projects, who are presenting our first exhibition and launch. Cassie, who’s skill as a photography and arts specialist publicist I have always admired has written and sent out English language press releases. Lisa ,who I have known for many years as an insightful Buddhist photographer is going to help us with the exhibition with her great ideas and wealth of experience too.

Another friend in the Kansai region who I have known through Sandy for many years, Hiroyo, is helping Colin, and artist Asa and journalist Hiroko, both past Sydney residents, are helping us from the Kanto region. Asa who helped us write a Japanese language press release is a photographer and a story-telling artist using hand organs. Hiroko is using her journalistic skills, writing to regional institutions with the view to confirm locations of the photographs. Shoko from Sydney, and others have been sending messages and commenting on social media, such as the which school uniform worn by someone in a particular photograph belongs to which school, or  where a particular photograph may have been taken. There are some very good questions being asked too, such as whether a younger person on a particular photograph may be the same person, looking older, in another photograph.

The COVID lockdown a year ago has put a stop to all that I had planned last and this year. So instead I just jumped into a small project, then followed the flow of friends, ideas, suggestions, advice, energy, which lead to where Untitled.Showa stands today:

  • An interactive online Digital Project + Exhibition: April 13 – May 30, 2021
  • LAUNCH Thursday 15 April 6 – 8pm  Presented by 107 Presents Level Up RSVP  
  • EVENT WORKSHOPS Tue 20 April + Tue 04 May 6-8pm. REGISTER untitled.showa(at)
  • ADDRESS Level Up Project Space by 107 Projects, Level 2, Central Park Mall, 28 Broadway, Chippendale, Sydney NSW
  • HOURS 10am – 8pm daily

There is much to do now, and best to do everyday what presents itself on that day.

An email from Shoko letting me know that photo no 249 was most probably taken in Enoshima.写真249が江ノ島で撮影されたはずだと、しょうこさんにメールを頂きました。




以前、「Island of Ancients」展でお世話になり、長年にわたり写真やヨガについて様々なことを教えてくれた友人のサンディーさんが「Untitled.Showa」の写真コレクションの展示会をシドニーとジーロング、また、関西に住むお友達のコリンさんと一緒に京都でも行う用意をしてくれています。サンディさんの紹介で、107 Projectsジェスさん、サムさん、ニコルさんという活気に満ちたエネルギッシュなチームに出会いました。写真やアートの専門パブリシストとして、以前から尊敬してたキャシーさんには、英語のプレスリリースを書いて頂きました。長年親しんできた仏教写真家のリサさんも、多くのアイデアと豊富な経験で展覧会を手伝ってくれます。




Posted by Mayu on 20 March 2021

2021年3月20日投函 マユ

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