March 22nd 2021

I posted a post from Untitled.Showa on the Geelong History Facebook page and made mention about the upcoming exhibition in Geelong in July. It attracted quite a lot of attention and a comment from Deidrie Jackson who asked when it would take place. Deidrie whose real name is Dianne comes from the Furuya family. She is the great granddaughter of George Taro Furuya who ran a laundry in Geelong and lived in Myer St.

George Taro Furuya’ home and laundry in Myer St, Geelong. Photo by Andrew Hasegawa

In the same post other followers of the page asked when the exhibition would be, and let me know what they knew, for an example, about Bella Mathews, a 2nd generation Japanese Australian, a daughter of Motoshiro Ito. She is 101 years old and lives in a nursing home.

March 25th 2021

On a Facebook post on Untitled Showa, Mika Nishimura speculated that the photos from the deceased estate from Geelong might come from the Furuya family, as George Taro stayed in touch with his family over many years while living in Australia. This interested me, as although I know of George Taro Furuya, I have never managed to have any contact with a family member until Dianne Jackson just recently contacted me on Facebook. Mika lived in Geelong while she was a student, and wrote an essay on the Geelong Japanese families. She interviewed 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Nikkei Australians about their experiences, and it featured members of the Hasegawa, Ito and Furuya families.  So I asked Dianne if she had time for a coffee.


Untitled.Showaの記事をジーロング史のFacebookページに投稿し、7月にジーロングで開催される展覧会について書いた。多くの関心が寄せられ、Deidrie Jackson(ディードリー・ジャクソン)さんから「いつ開催されるのか」というコメントをいただいた。ディードリーは、本名をダイアンといい、フルヤ家の出身だ。彼女は昔、ジーロングでランドリーを経営し、マイヤー通りに住んでいたフルヤ・ジョージ・タロウの曾孫にあたる。





Posted by by Andrew Hasegawa March 2021


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