1. 太秦映画村に勤務されていた方より、以下のようなメッセージが寄せられました。


    A message from a former staff from Toei Kyoto Studio Park:

    The photos from 213 to 244 appear to have been taken at the film studio, and the people in the photos must have been staff related to the studio. The company Daiei was shooting movies in the studio in Uzumasa, Kyoto, in the 2 separate periods – between 1942 and 1971, and between 1974 and 1986. These photos might be from the post war period. Perhaps the staff at that time may not be working there anymore. In the end Daiei was taken over by KADOKAWA, where there might be more information from those days.

  2. Noted in an email to me from Iwane Shibuya, the sign in the photo reads “Daiei Motion Picture Studio, Kyoto Studio” In Japanese 大映京都撮影所。A major film studio in the north of Kyoto, 300 plus photos taken by a professional photographer? Did the photographer and family have a close association with this film studio?

    • Andrew Hasegawa さんの4月1日付けの翻訳:

      シブヤ・イワネさんからいただいたメールによると、写真の看板には「大映京都撮影所」と書かれている。 京都の北にある大映の撮影所で、プロのカメラマンが撮った写真が300枚以上もあるのか?撮影者やその家族は、この撮影所と深い関わりがあったのだろうか。


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