1. 写っている種井信子さんは1953年8月に封切りされた大映制作の祇園囃子と言う映画に出ておられます。周りの女性には振り袖を着ている人もいます。撮影中でしょうか?

    • Translation of Minori’s comment on 13 April 2021:

      The woman in the photo, Nobuko Tanei, was in a movie called Gion-bayashi, produced by Daiei and released in August 1953. Some of the women around her are wearing furisode. Were they filming?

      *Note from Mayu:
      According to Wikipedia, a furisode (振袖, lit., “swinging sleeves”) is a style of kimono distinguishable by its long sleeves, which range in length from 85 cm (33 in) for a kofurisode (小振袖, lit., “short swinging sleeve”)}, to 114 cm (45 in) for an ōfurisode (大振袖, lit., “large furisode”). Furisode are the most formal style of kimono worn by young women in Japan. – https://bit.ly/3aefk76

  2. Absolutely. This image is definitely part of the Daiei Film Studio series of photographs. Perhaps I need to tag all of them soon. By looking at all the images closely, this man appears elsewhere too.

  3. Could this “Production Company” be Daiei film company?


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