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  1. 少女たちの、先生の、笑顔が印象的です。そしてこれは、どこかで見たことのある風景。探して探して突き止めました。右奥に見えるのが、藤沢市の江の島の桟橋です。判明したとたんに、彼女たちの笑顔がもっと鮮烈に見えました。きっと楽しい一日だったでしょうね。
    The girls’ smile is very impressive. I did know the place where they were – the shape of the hill looks very familiar. After the extensive internet surfing, I found out it must have been shot in Enoshima, Fujisawa in Kanagawa. As soon as I realised that, their smile appeared to be even more vivid – they must have had a good day.


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