1. 好文学園に尋ねました。制服の細部が異なるため、他校だろう、ということです。
    しかし、同時代(1940年ごろ)には違いない、とのこと。 Kobun Gakuen speculates the girls must have been from a different school in that their uniform looks slightly different from Kobun Gakuen’s. Still, the photo must have come from the same period of time (1940’s), according to the school.

  2. 好文学園女子高等学校(大阪)のウエッブサイトに載っている写真と似ていますね。

    The image is very similar to the one on the website of Koubun Gakuen Girls’ high school in Osaka:


  3. We received messages from Dr James Harry Morris on Twitter:
    Confirming this photo was taken at the Toshogu Temple in Nikko.

    Twitterにて 、モリス・ジェームズ・ハリー博士がこの写真が日光の東照宮で撮影されたものと確認のメッセージを頂きました。

    We also received a message from Taka Uematsu FB:
    Only Nikko Toshogu and Kunouzan Toshogu had the status of a separate governmental shrine, as seen on the stone pillar. Kunouzan is on top of a mountain, and although my memory is a little fuzzy, I don’t think there was enough space for this. So I think it is almost certainly Nikko. I hope this is helpful.


  4. We received a message on Twitter: (this is) at Nikko Toshogu.



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