1. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/セーラー服



    • Translation of above comment by ChiChi Bracken on 21 April 2021:


      It seems that sailor uniforms were not adopted as school uniforms until after 1920.

      “There are many theories about when sailor uniforms were first introduced as school uniforms in Japan, but it is believed that the first school to adopt sailor uniforms for girls was Heian Jogakuin in Kyoto Prefecture in 1920, and their sailor uniforms were a one-piece type that was fastened around the waist with a belt .

      As for the schools that first adopted the top and bottom separate sailor uniforms as uniforms, as is commonly seen today, there are the Aichi theory (September 1921), the Kanagawa theory (November 1921), and the Fukuoka theory (December 1921).”


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