Writing on the back reads, ”Photographed on April 3rd 1939 From the right Toshio (could be Rio) 10 years old, Mother 57 years old, Tsuchie (could be Fujie) 20 years old, Front Kyoko 7 years old, Eiko 5 years old, Kenzo 2 years old, Hideko 25 years old, Sister (older) ”

裏に『昭和十四年四月三日写す 右より 利雄十歳 母上五十七才 ツチエ(フヂエ?)二十才 前 京子七才 エイ子五才 建蔵二才 秀子二十五才 姉さま』と書いてあります。

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4 May 2020


  1. Wakunakuni さんからFBに下記のメッセージを頂きました:
    この高齢女性と005, 006, 007, 011, 013, 014番の写真の高齢女性と似ていますね。

    We received a message on FB from Wakunakuni which says:
    The older woman on this photo looks like the older woman in photo nos. 005, 006, 007, 011, 013, 014.

  2. Are the “Mother” and the woman standing on the far left (“older sister”?) the same people as those from the beginning of the gallery? Eg. #11



    • The ”mother” very much looks like the same woman. The “older sister” has resonances, especially the way she holds her body.



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