1. We received a comment from a student at Tsukuba University:

    I think the building on the lower right of the postcard is Kinkakuji Temple (https://www.shokoku-ji.jp/kinkakuji/, and the image of the inside of the factory on the upper left is the Yamazaki Silk Factory of Dainippon Boseki Co, because on the back of the postcard, it is written that it was issued by the Yamazaki Silk Factory of Dainippon Boseki Co.



  2. The old postcard found in this blog (Discussing Unitika, the present enterprise of Dainippon Silk Factory) looks like the same kind as 328 and 327.
    The very factory (Dainippon Silk Factory Yamazaki Branch) was reformed and is present Osaka Senko (Osaka Dyeing).



    出典(Resource): https://www.unitika.co.jp/company/archive/history/

  3. http://www8.plala.or.jp/shounan/new5004.html

    葉書の書き方を”はかき”から”はがき”になったのは、昭和8年 (1933年)以降だそうです。


    • Translation of ChiChi Bracken’s comment on 20 April:


      It is said that the writing style of postcards was changed from “hakaki” to “hagaki” after 1933 (Showa 8).

      According to the data of Japan Post, how ordinary postcards and return postcards were written was revised from “hakaki” to “hagaki” in 1933. I don’t know if this revision immediately extended to picture postcards, but it is a clue to speculate on the timeframe of when picture postcards were issued.

  4. 昔の絵葉書をみると「郵便はかき」と「郵便はがき」の二種類があります。日本郵政公社の資料によると、昭和8年に通常葉書及び往復葉書の表示が「はかき」から「はがき」に改正されたと書かれています。この改正が直ちに絵葉書にまで及んだかどうか分りませんが、絵葉書が発行された年代を推測する一つの手がかりになります。

    • Mika さんからの2001年、4月20日のコメントの翻訳:

      When we look at old picture postcards, we find two types of postcards: “postal hakaki” and “postal hagaki””. According to the data from Japan Post, the labelling of ordinary postcards and return postcards was revised from “hakaki” to “hagaki” in 1933. I don’t know if this amendment was immediately extended to picture postcards, but it is a clue towards dating this picture postcard.

  5. Josie, you are right. This is the Kinkakuji or the Golden Temple (Pavilion)

    How it relates to the Dainippon Silk Factory is a mystery, but perhaps it (or a branch of it) was located in Kyoto.

    Jacqueline, photo no 328 is also from the Dainippon Silk Factory, and that image has the Momoyama Castle on it, which was (is, but changed its name) in Kyoto too.

  6. Is this the Golden Temple in Kyoto?

  7. I am now interested in learning more about the Dainippon Silk factory after seeing this image.

  8. #MKTDainipponSilkFactory01


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