1. Is this the same shrine as in #32?


    • 確かに同じ神社のようです。下がっている布のデザインも同じですし、横にあるお札も同じものが同じ場所にあるようです。即ち、同じ日だと思います。今、初めて気がつきましたが、#79をよく見ると、神殿の方に女性の帯び(後ろ姿)が見えます。#32番の女性の帯だと思います。#79の男性と#32の女性は二人とも#23の家族写真の中に入っているようです。

      It certainly seems to be the same shrine. The design of the cloth is the same, and the same paper amulets on the side seems to be in the same place. In other words, I think the photo was taken on the same day. I just noticed for the first time that if you look closely at #79, you can see a woman’s obi sash (her back) towards interior of the shrine. I think it is the woman’s obi in #32. The man in #79 and the woman in #32 both seem to be in the family photo in #23.


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