1. インスタにてnkztplmさんからメッセージを頂きました:

    We received a message on Instagram from nkztplm:
    The milk delivery box looks like (it says) Murakami Milk Shop. Murakami Milk Shop is located in Kita-ku, Kyoto, about 20 minutes walk from Kamigoryo Shrine.

  2. We received an email from Robyn who wrote:

    I’ve been looking at the photos online and in number 083 there are 2 children and a dog standing in front of a door and is that a letterbox beside the door? Is the writing on it any clue?



    Mayu’s reply to Robin:

    The box is a milk delivery box, and the bigger writing on the front mentions the name of the milk brand, and I think this is why no one has bothered to look at it closely. But thank you…. I had a look now… and on the side of the box is the name of the milk shop that delivers the milk to this family. It seems to read “Murakami Milk Shop.”


    箱は牛乳の宅配ボックスで、正面に大きく書かれた文字が牛乳のブランド名です。多分、それが目立ってしまって、よく見ようとしなかったのかと思います。ありがとうございます…. 牛乳用宅配ボックスの横面には、この家庭に牛乳を届けている牛乳屋さんの名前が書かれていました。『村上牛乳店 』と書かれているようです。


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