Satsuki Odamura’s improvisation in response to Untitled.Showa on bass koto:

小田村さつきのリスポンス即興 十七弦箏:

En (縁)


Rin (輪)


Artist’s Statement

There is a nostalgic smell to these many photographs, as if they fell from my parents‘old photo album.

It is clear they were taken in Japan. Why were they in Geelong… and these photographs have wandered from place to place into Mayu’s place…  is there something they need to say? I feel a mysterious sense of “en” (Japanese for fate / chance connection / relationship).




Posted July 2020


Satsuki Odamura

小田村さつき / アーティスト提供

小田村さつき / アーティスト提供

Satsuki is a leading koto player, who has pioneered the teaching and performing of this ancient Japanese instrument in Australia. Since her move to Australia in 1988, she has inspired a number of Australian composers to write for her instrument, and has worked with a number of musicians from other genres, including jazz, classical and other styles. She has recorded three of her own albums in collaboration with Australian musicians and, in the process, has found new and exciting contexts for this traditional Japanese instrument.


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