The Showa by Shigemi Nakamura Simms 『昭和』中村シムス成美作


The Showa 昭和

It is as if they are photos in my mother’s treasured albums, I thought. A world all in black and white or sepia. The photos found in Geelong overlap around the time of my childhood or even earlier, when my parents were young.

A nostalgic aroma of the Showa era.

I was attracted to a group photo surrounding a dinner table.

Meals, when guests visited our home for a Buddhist memorial service or some special event.

A tub of sushi arrived from a nearby sushi restaurant, and my mother prepared the feast.

On those occasions, even in the middle of the day, my father and uncle would drink beer and sake, and we were allowed to drink fizzy orange Fanta too. The photograph is in black and white, but for me, it revives colourful memories of orange, disparate designs yet not your everyday tableware, and disposable chopsticks for guests, all crowded on a low table in a Japanese room.

By overlapping the photographs found in a distant foreign land, I portrayed my childhood memories.








Untitled.Showa Found Photograph # 023 ファウンドフォト# 023 Photographer Unknown 撮影者不明

Posted August 2020


Shigemi Nakamura Simms

Shigemi Nakamura Simms 3 years old / Artist supplied 中村シムス成美 3歳 / アーティスト提供

When Shigemi was a child, she always drew pictures. Despite her parents’ objections, she went to a high school specializing in art and studied graphics at an arts college. After graduating, she worked for “Brutus” at Magazine House, then for seven years for “Olive” magazine as an editorial designer. Unable to abandon her childhood dream, she moved to England to study fine art again. She moved to Australia when she married and raised her children. Now that her children have grown, she continues to pursue her art while working as a graphic designer.

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