Geelong Japanese family history 

The mystery of a collection of photos that originate in Japan must have belonged to a Japanese war bride who lived in the city of Geelong, gateway to the rich pastural lands of the western district of Victoria, a white Anglo/ Celtic community with a few exceptions. I wonder about the young Japanese woman who came to Australia in the early 1950s to live in a community that was often hostile to Japanese people. In a quiet moment I can imagine she gazed at those photos of friends and family, shed a tear, and dreamt of returning home.

Here is an interview of my grandmother Ida Hasegawa, telling the story of my great grandfather Setsutaro Hasegawa, and five other Japanese men, who arrived in Melbourne in 1897 to study English, married local women, established themselves in Geelong and operated laundries until they were interned during WWII.

Video supplied by Andrew Hasegawa ビデオ提供、アンドリュー・ハセガワ



Posted Sept 2020


Andrew Hasegawa

Andrew Hasegawa is a 4th generation Nikkei Australian. He was born in Colac, son of Ray Hasegawa, who was originally from Geelong. He has spent much of his life trying to connect with, and understand his Japanese heritage that in turn led him to spend many years living in Japan.


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