Untitled.Showa throws up my memories of engaging with the dominant culture. To make the assimilation process quicker my parents forbade us from speaking in Samoan but to only speak in English!

Years later, engaging with another culture via the bridge of food, martial arts, and art, has provided an exposure to various written works that resonate:

Barely Dark     is barely light

all that was visible    has turned invisible

and the invisible     has come to light

there     however deep it is     we should go

exhausted     carrying the weight

of nothing     but our own bodies     dragged alongside 

This first stanza from Into White Darkness by Misaki Takako (translated by Subhash Jaireth and Rina Kikuchi) is powerful and speaks to me as a person who straddles two cultures.

The Japanese martial art Aikido has complimented my art practice, and with the deepening of my understanding of Japanese culture has provided profound benefits for myself and my students.

From the West by Sete Tele  『西より』 セテ・テレ作



うすくらがりは うすあかるみ
仄見えていたものが 見えなくなり
見えなかったものが 仄見えてくる
そこへ どこまでも 入っていけばいい
ぐったりとした 自分の重さを
たったひとつの 持ち物のように ひきずって

岬 多可子詩集『飛びたたせなかったほうの蝶々』より『白い闇の中へ』(Subhash Jaireth、菊池利奈、訳のこの力強い最初のスタンザは、2つの文化にまたがる人間としての私に語りかけてきます。


-Posted by Sete Tele August 2021


I am a Samoan born, New Zealand grown, Australian matured interdisciplinary artist, whose practice is a place based play based research to develop participatory performance works that are ephemeral, but with a tangible residue that resonates with the viewer/ the participant. www.setetele.com


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