G’day, Nama saya Jayanto Tan. I am a visual artist from Inner West Sydney, the land of Gadigal and Wangal People. My practice mainly in ‘ceramic food offerings’ that combined with found objects and performance. https://jayantodamaniktan.com

These are photographs of my lost Chinese father (portrait) and his ‘ceng beng’ ritual gathering in Bandar Tinggi, North Sumatra, Indonesia. His name was Tan Liu Min (as my Taiwanese-Indo sister have mentioned to me). He arrived in Indonesia by boat with no record from China. I don’t know where was he has come from originally. Can anyone identify his ‘home’ through the ‘Chinese calligraphy’ on his ‘missing’ gravestone/tombstone?

Untitled Showa is an emotional and important project that encourages people to value their family and a moment that captured through photographs. The workshop was fun and delighted with supportive participations.


Young dad, Tan Liu Min, date unknown 若い頃の父、タン・リュー・ミン。撮影日不明


Dad ‘Ceng Beng’ ritual gathering (a tradition Tomb Sweeping-Day from Hokkien ancestor) in Bandar Tinggi, North Sumatra, Indonesia with sisters and brothers posed on dad’s Tomb, date unknown. インドネシアの北スマトラ州バンダル・ティンギで行われた清明節の儀式。兄弟が父の墓にて。撮影日不明。





Young me (maybe 5 yrs, looking at the camera) at dad’s funeral service with sisters and brothers at the background.This is the only ‘young me’ photo I got.


Close up of the tomb with Chinese calligraphy. 中国の書が刻まれた墓跡。



-Jayanto Tan October 2021



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