March 30th 2021

I met with Dianne in Geelong. She is the great granddaughter of George Taro Furuya who ran a laundry on Myer St in Geelong. We spent just over an hour talking, swapping stories, and she very graciously gave me copies of old newspaper cuttings. I gave her a copy of the picnic photo featuring GT Furuya and she was delighted.

GT Furuya had two children by his wife Ada May, George Masao Furuya and Hannah Jane. Robert and Arnold are the sons of George Masao Furuya (there are also 5 sisters). This is the generation 3 or the grand children of GT Furuya, born in the early 1930’s. Robert is Dianne’s father, and he is still alive and lives in Cressy, rural Victoria. He changed his name to Freer. Arnold is also G3  and now deceased, he changed his name to Lopez and lived in WA.

Dianne Jackson, great granddaughter of George Taro Furuya, in Geelong 2021. Photo by Andrew Hasegawa.ジョージ・タロー・フルヤの曾孫、ダイアン・ジャクソン。ジーロングにて、アンドリューハセガワ撮影。

Click here for After The Article in The Sunday Herald Sun by Iwane Shibuya ヘラルドサンに掲載された記事の「その後」  渋谷いはね著者はこちらから




Posted by by Andrew Hasegawa March 2021


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