March 30th 2021

After meeting Dianne, I dropped by 21 Little Ryrie St and 60 Ryrie St, where the Hasegawa family lived and did business, only to find a dodgy massage parlour and a carpark.

21 Little Ryrie St, Geelong, the where the Hasegawa family had lived. Photo by Andrew Hasegawa

60 Ryrie St, Geelong, where the Hasegawa family had operated a laundry business. Photo by Andrew Hasegawa

After that I visited my Aunty Lynette who was raised at 21 Little Ryrie St, and lived with her Japanese grandfather. She and her sons are keen followers of all things related to Japan, and are very interested in the July Untitled.Showa event in Geelong. Unfortunately there is no lead from them on the origins of the photos. We had a few laughs at the expense of Ida Hasegawa, mother of Lynette, grandmother to me, and cousins, Paul and David. She occasionally made a few things up about her father in law that just were not true. She was a lovely lady.

Left to right David (cousin) Doug Dunkley (uncle), Lynette nee Hasegawa (aunty) Paul (cousin). Photo by Andrew Hasegawa 左から右へ David(いとこ) Doug Dunkley(おじ) Lynette nee Hasegawa(おば) Paul(いとこ)。写真提供:アンドリュー・ハセガワ

Then it was off to Shelford to spend the night with my cousin who is the eldest son of Matsu Lymer nee Hasegawa. The red wine was good, the aged beef delicious, but no leads on the photos.

While I still need to follow up with Erin, and hope there is a response from Iwane Shibuya, there is no evidence that the photos came from the Furuya family. The third generation of the Furuya family rejected their Japanese heritage and have no contact with Japan. Dianne told me her father denies having Japanese blood.

The Ada May Shibuya lead is fascinating, but again, there is no recent connection with Geelong, and the person who might be in possession of a lot of old photos from that line of the Furuya family is alive, and living in Melbourne.

The Furuya/Shibuya/Suzuki story has been written about by Pam Oliver, and Yuriko Nagata makes mention of it in her book, “Unwanted Aliens: Japanese Internment in Australia“.


ダイアンに会った後、ハセガワ一家が住んでいた21 リトルライリー通り(Little Ryrie St)と洗濯業をしていた、60 ライリー通り(Ryrie St)に立ち寄ったが、そこにはいかがわしいマッサージパーラーと駐車場があっただけだった。





フルヤ・シブヤ・スズキ3家の話は、パム・オリバーが書いていおり永田百合子先生も のオーストラリア日系人強制収容の記録―知られざる太平洋戦争』中で触れている。

Posted by by Andrew Hasegawa March 2021


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