1. According to an article published on 31 May 2021 in The Special Report section of the Akita Sakigake Shimpo, a regional newspaper from Akita:

    This photo was taken on 26th of July 1958, when a group of local parishioners from Honcho-ji Temple (Nichiren sect) in Noshiro went on a pilgrimage to the Ichinotani Myosho-ji Temple on Sado Island with the then head priest. The current head priest has a copy of the same photograph in their photo album. The Honcho-ji Temple used to organise pilgrimages every 4-5 years.

    The newspaper article informs that through the current head priest of the temple, they were introduced to the grandson of one of the women in this group photo (front row, second left from the flag). Her name is Itsu Hasegawa. See photo number 316 for more info. https://untitled.showa.com.au/project/316

    The article is on (Japanese only, and behind a paywall) :https://www.sakigake.jp/news/article/20210530AK0030/?nv=akita




  2. 秋田県能代市の本澄寺であると仮定して、新潟県佐渡市の名刹、妙照寺とともに、日蓮宗のお寺です。妙照寺の信徒の方々が、あるいは北東北の日蓮宗のお寺を巡っていたのではないでしょうか。

    • Translation of Momoyo’s comment on 13 April 2021:

      Assuming that it is Honchoji Temple in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, it is a Nichiren Shoshu temple, along with Myoshoji Temple, a famous temple in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture. It is likely that the believers of Myosho-ji Temple or the Nichiren Shoshu temples in the northern Tohoku region were touring the area.

      Honchoji Temple in Noshiro City is still in existence. However, the current Honchoji temple is a new building, differing from the address before1949. This is thought to be related to the big fire in Noshiro on February 20, 1949. This fire was so large that it covered about 42% of the city, destroying 1,295 residential buildings and 942 non-residential buildings. A “City Reconstruction Plan” was immediately formulated, the area demarcated, and the temples and cemeteries in the burned area were relocated outside the city. As a result, I heard that the temples and cemeteries in Noshiro were almost all concentrated in the current location. However, for clarification, we need to check the city history at the city hall.

  3. さこたくみこさんからFBにてメッセージを頂きました:
    能代 本澄寺 の旗 ー右側に、 佐渡霊場と左側に、 参拝団と書いてあります。能代 本澄寺 は日蓮宗で、妙照寺も日蓮宗 です。ここに写っている前列の旗の向かって左2人目方、他にも写っていますね。005, 006, 007, 011, 012, 013, 014 の方 と、同じ人ではないかなと思います。

    We received a comment from Kumiko Sakota on FB:
    On the flag of Noshiro Honcho-ji Temple, on the right side it says, Sado Sacred Sites, and on the left side it says, Worshippers. Noshiro Honcho-ji Temple is a Nichiren Shoshu sect, and Myosho-ji Temple is also a Nichiren Shoshu sect. The second person on the left of the flag in the front row appears to be the same woman as the woman in the photo: 005, 006, 007, 011, 012, 013, 014.

    • The comment from Shoko on 27 Feb 2021 reads:

      Honcho-ji Temple in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture is here: https://goo.gl/maps/CGiwjm6twGU9nZP3A

      Honcho-ji Temple and Noshiro is part of the larger writing on the white banner held by the group.


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