This is a postcard addressed to CHO, Haru at at “Daiei Workers’ Residence, 3 ? cho, Uzumasa, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City”. The sender is HASEGAWA, Itsu from 18 Sumiyoshi-cho, Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture.” The sender thanks the recipient for the calendar received from Kazuko (can also be read as Kotoko, Sumiko, Toshiko or Hisako), and informs that she has sent a box of Aomori apples in a parcel, and would like them to be shared with everyone. *NOTE: Other than the surname CHO, this surname could also be read as: NAGA, OSA and TSUKASA

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  1. Morihiroさんからメールにてコメントいただきました:


    Translation of a comment sent in by email from Morihiro:

    One of my colleague has suggested me that the the list of workers at Daiei Kyoto Studio is uploaded in the webpage of Daiei Kyoto Studio Project of the Ritsumeikan University’s Art Research Center, in which the name of Osa Hisako? 長寿子 can be found in the accountants’ department.

  2. 切手は5円、昭和26年から41年まで(1951-66)が、はがきが5円で送れる時代です。
    Sending a post card cost 5 yen between 1951 and 1966. The town Owani in Aomori is famous for delicious apples. One can imagine that Hasegawa san would have chosen a box of fresh apples harvested in that autumn in return for the calendar of the following year. The first snow in very late autumn in Noshiro could be seen, too.


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