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  1. 写真の台紙の中央右に「M.Kaida/開田写真館/本所区/押上通り」、左に変体仮名で「かいだ/おしあげ郵便局前」と読めます。

    On the mount it can be read:
    M.Kaida, Kaida Photo Studio, Honjo-ward, Oshiage-street (centre to right) /
    Kaida, Near Oshiage Post Office (left in Hentaigana)

    The Honjo-ward did exist in Tokyo city between 1878 and 1947 (currently known as south of Sumida-ward). Oshiage-street is still there as a shopping mall, which appears to be very close to the Skytree.




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