Writing on the top on the front reads, “ Notes” followed by numbered items. The bottom line under the photo reads, “Manchuria Fushun Chemical Industry Co ID, carry this proof of identity, and present this with it to staff upon ticket inspections. ” Printing on back after “No 49668” reads, “Employee” then “Third Class Railway Boarding Certificate”. The red name seal to the right reads, “KATO”. The red stamp underneath reads, “Chemical Industry Office” followed by “Residential Staff”. The owner’s name is handwritten, “ (CHO Hiroshi – could be NAGA Hiroyoshi, NAGAHIRO Itaru or NAGAHIRO Yoshi / Other than the surname CHO, this surname could also be read as: NAGA, OSA and TSUKASA), followed by the number “26”, and “Total 1 persons”. The orange stamp reads, “Temporary (or borrowing} Term ???,” then “All Transport All Lines.” The time periods are handwritten from “December 1st 1944 to November 30th 1945” and “Issued on December 1st 1944”. The orange seals on the bottom both read “Fushun Coal Mine”

写真の上に印刷された文字は『注意』、その下に項目があり、 下の方に『満州撫順化学工業所身分證(証)明書を携帯し係員検札の際に之(これ)と共に提示すること』と書いてあります。裏に『No 49668』の後に『職よ、参等鐵道乗車證』(三等鉄道乗車証)と印刷されています。横に『加藤』という名字の判子があります。赤いスタンプで『化學(学)工業所、住職員』と記され、手書きで『長宏至、26』と書かれています。その他には計1名、社線前線、昭和19年12月1日から昭和20年11月30日までの期間と記されています。発行日は19年12月1日。下に南満州鐵(鉄)道株式會社(会社)と印刷され、オレンジの判子とスタンプは『撫順炭鉱』と記されています。

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4 May 2020

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  1. Wakunakuni さんからFBにて、下記のメッセージを頂きました:

    We received the following message from Wakunakuni on FB:
    There is a man with the same name , 長宏至, who is listed on Japanese Wikipedia as someone who was the original deputy manager of the production department at Toei Kyoto TV Production Co., Ltd., which was established in 1964 within Toei Film’s Kyoto Studios. https://bit.ly/3epQ6Wo


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