This postcard is post marked from the Kochi Post Office, addressed (could be) to MORIYAMA, Akira (can be also read as Hirkari, Mitsuru, Rei, Hikaru, Kou, or Mitsu). The postcard is printed with the words “Notice of Issuance of a Payment Order.” Under the printed words, “One (monetary amount),” are the words, “320,000 One time lump sum benefit” in handwriting. The rest of the print reads, “Amount on the right funds transfer today (from) Kochi Prefectural Main Depository”, “? Order?…and notification”, “26th of September 1936”, and from the “Kochi Prefectural Governor”. There is an official stamp from Kochi (either the Governor’s office or from the prefectural government). The postal address characters are unknown.


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4 May 2020

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