This card reads: “Proof of Identity” issued by a school in Takaoka area of Kochi Prefecture for MORIYAMA, Akira (can be also read as Hirkari, Mitsuru, Rei, Hikaru, Kou, or Mitsu), born on 18th of February, year unknown, is a member of the staff at the school. It is dated 19th of March 1935. Characters for the name of the school is unknown.

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4 May 2020


  1. We received a comment from a student at Tsukuba University (different student from the comments below):
    This is an identification card for 森山 光 (Mitsu? Moriyama). On the left hand side, we see 高知県高岡郡孝山塾檮原實業公民学校 (Kochi Prefectural Takaoka-gun, Takayama (Koyama?) Juku Technical Public School). When I searched it on the internet, I found that the school is now named 高知県立檮原高等学校 (Kochi Prefectural Yusuhara High School). On the right hand side, it says, “ Do not lend or give this to anyone else.” , “ You must carry this while you are on (public) transport at all times,” and so on. 森山 光 (Mitsu? Moriyama) was born on 18th of February on the 20th year.
    *Note from Mayu: The document does not say which era (20th year of?)



  2. We received a comment from a student at Tsukuba University (different student from the comment below):

    This appears to be an Identification card for a staff member of Takayama (Koyama?) Juku Kogyo Gakuin. The left side is Identification, and the right side is the handling. This Identification was issued to Hikaru Moriyama on March 19, 1945. It seems that Takayama (Koyama?) Juku Technical Public School was located in Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture. There is now a high school called Yusuhara, Kochi Prefecture in Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture, which used to be called Takayama (Koyama?) Juku, so it may be the same school with a name change.

    筑波大学の学生さんからコメントをいただきました (下記のコメントとは別の学生さんです):


  3. We received a comment from a student at Tsukuba University:

    The school that issued this certificate appears to be “Takayama Juku Yusuhara Business Public School”. 貫(Kan) is the old font for “real”. This school was founded in 1934 as the “Yusuhara Village Takayama Juku Youth School”, and is now called “Yusuhara Prefectural High School”, which is in its 86th year since establishment. This is the only youth school in Shikoku and Kochi, and this is consistent with the notation of the year 1935.



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