1. My mother (b. 1941) used to learn and perform traditional Japanese dance, wearing Yuzen Kimono her father made not far from Uzumasa filming studio in Kyoto. She would have been 12 years old when these photos of dancing girls were taken. My mother’s eldest sister has also lived in Kitano but it would be very difficult to identify these girls especially with make-up!

    • 3月21日2021ミカさんからの投函の翻訳です:


  2. Wakunakuni さんからFBにて、下記のメッセージを頂きました:

    We received the following message from Wakunakuni on FB:
    Kitano Kaikan is said to be the current Kamishichiken Kaburenjo (Song and Dance Practice Hall). Kamishichiken is a town of geiko and teahouses (in Kyoto), and the Song and Dance Practice Hall is a theater facility for dancers. (Checked) but there is no record of a stage performance in September 1953, so it is possible that the venue was just rented out.

  3. The handwriting appears the same as the writing on photo no 183.



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