This envelope is from a photographic store called “Izutsuya”. Their address is “Higashi 1 Cho, Katabiranotsuji, Sanjo, Uzumasa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City.” The back of the envelope reads that it is for a customer called, “WADA”, dated June 2nd at 4pm. The order shows 1 roll of 2B style film to be developed, 11 prints of 6×6 and 6 prints of name cards (may be size of name cards). The total cost is 178 yen. There is a handwritten note on the side that says, “Women Only” and on the top, the number 16.

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4 May 2020


  1. We received a comment from a student at Tsukuba University:

    This appears to be the envelope that contained developed photos.
    Wada-san probably ordered it at a shop called “Izutsuya”. We can tell from the words “DPE specialty store” printed on the envelope that this shop was a specialised post-production store for photographs and photographic films. The left hand side of the envelope shows the store information, and on the right side are the details of transactions with customers. It seems that the address of “Izutsuya” was around Sanjo, Uzumasa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. This specialty store with this store name cannot be found on the Internet at present.


    「井筒屋」というお店で、和田さんが頼んだもののようです。「DPEの専門店」という印刷文字から、撮影済み写真フィルムのポストプロダクション専門店だとわかります。封筒の左側にはお店の詳細があり、右側にはお客さまとの取引内容が記されています。「井筒屋」の住所は、京都府京都市右京区太秦安城周辺だったようです。 インターネット上では、現在このお店は見つかりませんでした。

  2. We received a comment from a student at Tsukuba University:

    This photograph shows that of an old photo studio “Idutsuya” in Uzumasa, Kyoto, which is no longer operating. Uzumasa is an area known for its film making. There are film studios still operating there, filming period films, such as the Touei Kyoto Studio, which began in 1925. Several decades later, the area became a town. Judging from the 178 yen price tag written on the envelope, we can deduce this was from about 1947-1952.




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